Lee Sujin

Lee Sujin
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Li Sujin
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Sujin Lee is a former antagonist turned supporting character in The God of High School, one of the two Keys, and a former Bishop of the Nox. 17 years after RagnarÖk, Sujin has become the leader of anti-government organization Balhae. Sujin has an athletic figure with short purple hair and lavender eyes. Her outfit as a Bishop of Nox consisted of a midriff baring grey sleeveless dress shirt with a yellow tie, baggy grey cargo pants and black heeled boots. Her accessories were wristbands and an eye patch over her right eye. When her Charyeok was activated Sujin's hair grew to thigh length, she gained a veil and a black and red box and her revealed right eye glowed while bleeding. After leaving Nox, she wore a red hoodie, dark shorts and a large brown backpack. Her activated Charyeok now took on a more armored appearance featuring a black pinstriped cleavage-bearing bodysuit, slim-fitting lavender and cyan pieces covering her arms and shoulders, a small green tie with black collars and armoured stockings held up by garter-belt straps. Seventeen years after the events of RagnarÖk, Sujin has now grown her hair out (resembling the style that forms when she entered her Pandora form) and she wears nothing but a black strapless bra-like garment, grey cargo pants and black boots. Sujin is normally a calm, steady authority figure, especially after she becomes one of the Six. However, she can also be a bit childish, shown by how quickly she nearly buckles to Ilpyo's offer of unlimited McDonalds combos in exchange for her amity. She also has a sweet tooth. During battle, she is focused and ruthless, willing to defect from Nox just to achieve her goal of defeating and possibly killing Jin Mori. She has a hate for South Korea because of events that occurred in childhood. She is also shown to lie, as she proceeded to lie to Taejin Jin about the results of her bout with Mori Jin, saying that he was no match for her. Taejin ultimately believed her.

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