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Leif Faris Claus
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Rifu Farisu Kuraus
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Fire Emblem
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174.76 cm
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Leif is the son of Quan and Ethlyn in Fire Emblem Thracia 776. He has an older sister in Altena and is friends with Seliph and Julia. He was raised by his fathers best friend, Finn. Previously run out of his kingdom after the murder of his parents, Leif drives out the Church of Loptr and liberates his kingdom, becoming the ruler of Thracia. He later assists Seliph and Julia in destroying the Loptr Church for good and his story finishes with him as the hero of 2 kingdoms, being Thracia and Grannvale. He and Seliph together create peace and prosperity within the continent. His story is further elaborated below. STORY Leif was born in the time between Quan and Ethlyn's departure from Sigurd's army and their deaths at the hands of King Travant of Thracia in the Aed Massacre. After the fall of Leonster, he managed to flee alongside his guardian, Finn, and Nanna. During his childhood, he hid in several cities on the Thracia Peninsula, including Ulster and Tahra, but had to flee from all of them when the Grannvale Empire's soldiers came in search of him. Eventually, he and Nanna arrived in Fiana, where they asked the village's leader, Eyvel, to help Finn, who was wounded. Although Nanna begged in tears, Leif only glared at Eyvel and offered to give the Light Brand, a keepsake from Ethlyn, to her if she would help Finn. At the beginning of Thracia 776, Leif departs on a mission to rescue Nanna and Mareeta after their capture at the hands of Raydrik and the imperial army. In Chapter 3, he and Eyvel surrender to Raydrik after he uses Nanna as a hostage against them. While Eyvel is taken to Munster's arena to meet with Nanna and Mareeta, Leif is imprisoned in the dungeon, where he meets Fergus and Karin. With help from them as well as the Magi Squad, he escapes the dungeon and travels to the arena. There, he rescues Nanna and witnesses Bishop Veld use his dark magic to turn Eyvel to stone. As a result of this, Leif begins working to save Eyvel, and later discovers that the only way to do it is to use the Kia Staff, which can only be wielded by Archbishop Manfroy's descendants. At Safy's request, Leif arrives in Tahra and provides aid to Linoan, but they are later forced to flee when the Thracian army captures the city. Afterwards, he leads his army to Leonster and liberates it from the Grannvale Empire's soldiers. At the end of Chapter 18, he decides to send half of his army to Alster to aid its civilians in their rebellion, which results in failure and the death of one of his advisers, Dryas. With his weakened forces, Leif spends the next six months fighting to prevent the imperial army from retaking Leonster Castle. He eventually receives aid from Seliph, who continues his effort to defeat King Bloom and liberate the kingdoms of Northern Thracia. Meanwhile, Leif travels to Munster, where he obtains the Bragi Sword and uses it to defeat Raydrick. In the Final Chapter of Thracia 776, he defeats Veld and liberates Munster, thereafter joining up with Seliph's forces to fight against Thracia and the Grannvale Empire. During Seliph's invasion of Thracia, Leif learns from Finn that Altena is still alive and has been raised by Travant as his own daughter. In Chapter 9 of Genealogy of the Holy War, he informs Altena about her heritage as the princess of Leonster, causing her to demand the truth from Travant and later join up with Seliph's army. After the Liberation War, Leif becomes the king of the New Kingdom of Thracia, consisting of the entire peninsula. He canonically marries Nanna, as revealed in Thracia 776, although he can fall in love with most of the other female characters instead in Genealogy of the Holy War. In Thracia 776, it is mentioned that his name will never be forgotten as long as history exists. PERSONALITY Due to spending most of his life on the run and being hidden whenever he could find a place to stay, Leif's knowledge of the world is rather limited. He is aware of this and willing to learn and change his beliefs and perspectives as seen by his interaction with General Hannibal leading him to offer mercy to a Thracian Dracoknight caught raiding a village with bandits. This humility and desire for self-improvement is what leads to his growth from a hotheaded, vengeful boy to the wise king hailed as the Sage-Lord. Generally a kind and gentle person who cares for the people close to him to the point of being willing to risk his own life, Leif often has to be deterred by his friends and advisors from overly emotionally-driven courses of action. But while he can be talked down from his anger or grief, he struggles to overcome his feelings of guilt, even when unwarranted. This can be seen in his claim he failed as a ruler by fleeing Leonster as an infant and insisting on answering Ulster's request for aid despite his advisors' protests as his presence in Ulster led to Bloom's invasion, the King of Ulster's death, and Princess Miranda's life of captivity. Through the guidance of the more down-to-Earth August and trials such as enduring the six month siege on Leonster, he learns how to balance his leadership and his emotions and avoid the mistakes of the selfish, short-sighted rulers of Northern Thracia that came before him. Very protective of his loved ones, and prone to be emotional and impulsive in the aftermath of a failure or a loss, his initial motivation for commencing the liberation war was out of frustration and anger at the suffering the Empire inflicted on him and everyone around him. As he learned more about the extent of the Empire's cruelties and the suffering the people had been put through, his desire shifted to destroying the Empire to protect them as well. Leif has a chronic lack self-worth: he's overly critical of himself and takes his failures exceptionally hard. In particular, he's quite self-conscious of his own lack of a Brand or major Holy Blood, seeing himself as inferior to the likes of Seliph or Ced solely on the basis of not being able to wield his family's Holy Weapon, wondering if perhaps that indicates him to not be worthy to pursue his path. Despite this, he never considers giving up on it, turning his feelings of inadequacy into motivation to become the best he possibly can be. The result of this is best illustrated by his promotion to a Master Knight, the only class capable of wielding all nine weapon types with an A rank in eight of those.

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