Leiko Tanaka

Leiko Tanaka
Original Name
Romaji Name
Tanaka Reiko
Appears In
Marvel Comics
Place of Origin
Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture
Date of Birth
167.64 cm
59.51 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 16064
Like # 16777
Trash # 11835

Due to her proficiency with the exosuit and to avoid being sent back to prison, Go-Go was drafted as a founding member for Big Hero 6. However, she was incredibly difficult to get along with the rest of the team, leading to altercations with most of the members. However, she begins growing accustomed with her teammates. Go-Go, Honey Lemon and Silver Samurai (the first half of Big Hero 6) meet Hiro Takachiho, Baymax and Sunfire (who later became the other half of the team) at a temple, where Go-Go stops a fight between Baymax and Sunfire by using her powers. With all of them, they learned about the menace of the Everwraith. Go-Go then attempted fighting him but failed due to Everwraith's ethereal powers being too much even for her, but soon Sunfire defeated him. Following this, Sunfire departs and the team get a new base at Cool World Amusement Park, where Go-Go first notices they're being attacked by X the Unknowable. They are aided by Alpha Flight in fighting the monster, and later X is sunk into a volcano by Sunfire, who had returned upon Hiro's request. Big Hero 6 (now with Ebon Samurai and Sunpyre having replaced Silver Samurai and Sunfire) are brainwashed and go to Canada, where they fight Alpha Flight (who had also gotten a roster change). Go-Go fights Centennial, but she is easily beaten by him and unseen for the rest of the battle. After the superhuman Civil War ends in the U.S., the Japanese government announce a public partnership with the Japanese superheroes, which included Big Hero 6. Soon, the Big Hero 6 see their members change when Ebon Samurai and Sunpyre leave for their own motives, but Wasabi No-Ginger joins the team. Wasabi cooks sushi for Honey Lemon and Go-Go, but then he is interrupted by intruders, who are then revealed to be part of a test that Go-Go and Honey knew about but didn't tell Wasabi. The trio are called to help Baymax fight Whiplash, Brute and Gunsmith at Hiro's school. After the villains' defeat, Furi Wamu tells the team they're going to New York where they would stop their next attack, doing so with no outside help and while undercover. There, they meet the new sixth member Fred. Go-Go and Honey Lemon decide to prank Fred but fail at it, subsequently causing a small quarrel between most of the team. Big Hero 6 enroll into the Southport High School during their mission, where Wasabi and Go-Go are put in the school's football team and have a match against another school. Thanks to both, the Southport team wins. During the game, Honey Lemon is possessed by Whiplash and controlled by Badgal. Not long after, the rest of the heroes are called into action and find this out, but while Go-Go fights Honey, Badgal makes the entity transfer from Honey Lemon's body to Go-Go, and she temporarily becomes the new Whiplash until Badgal is defeated by Furi. After a series of events that involved helping fix an alien spaceship, defeating Badgal in a re-match and being discovered by the American authorities, the team are finally sent back to Japan. Spider-Man laters seeks the help of superheroes from other countries, including Big Hero 6, into helping him take down Doctor Octopus' multiple missile launch bases since Octopus attempted to destroy the ozone layer and burn Earth. After succeeding, Big Hero 6 go back to Japan, where they find out that Everwraith has returned and allied with Octopus, guarding another of his bases. Go-Go is seemingly annoyed having to fight Everwraith again, but thanks to the team's coordination and help of both Furi Wamu and Mr. Oshima, she manages to knock out Everwraith and have him captured by the Giri. Go-Go still has several contacts in Japan's criminal underworld, as many of her former associates are unaware that she secretly serves as a member of Big Hero 6.

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