Leinas Rockbruise

Leinas Rockbruise
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Reināsu Rokkuburuzu
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Leinas Rockbruise is the only female member of the Four Imperial Knights of the Baharuth Empire. Leinas has fair skin, green eyes and long blond hair with bangs covering the right side of her face and a beauty mark beneath her lower lip on the left side. She has a brown string tied around her head, and tied her hair back in a loose ponytail tied a few inches above the end. The right side of her face is described to be in a disgusting state due to a curse which causes it to secrete pus. Leinas can be seen as formal but aloof, direct and blunt. She’s also self-serving because of her curse and the circumstances after, she made it her life’s goal in finding a cure and do anything to achieve it as she made it clear to Jircniv she only serve him because it is most profitable for her to do so, and will immediately abandon her position if someone else can provide her with what she wants. Due to her disfigured face, she somewhat ashamed of it and is shown to be envious to the beauty of other women as she express displeasure whenever the men complimented the Pleiades' beauty.

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