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Lena is the descendant of a powerful noble family based in the country of Macedon. Her mother once served the Grustian royal court as a bishop, and it is therefore perceived that Lena inherited her talent as a cleric from her mother. After her mother passed away when she was only ten years old, Lena was sent to live with her maternal grandfather in Grust. Residing in Grust for several years, Lena trained as a cleric by regularly paying visits to remote regions of the country with her grandfather, where they provided much-needed aid to the farmers who were either beset by illness or constant pillages by bandits. Her grandfather soon became too old to continue this work of charity, and she therefore resolved to upkeep his legacy in his stead. While in the midst of carrying out her self-imposed duties of acting as a saviour to the less fortunate, Lena became acquainted with General Camus, who shared her vision and was already providing aid to the people at the time of their first encounter. While working alongside Camus, Lena was influenced greatly by him, learning that justice usually required self-sacrifice in order to be obtained. When Prince Michalis of Macedon was coronated as the king of the country, Lena's foster father summoned her back to the Macedonian royal court, where she was imposed the duty of serving as an official under Princess Minerva. During a meeting with Michalis, Lena was requested to wed him in order to fulfil his selfish ambitions of both monopolising her wisdom and beauty and forging a familial union with the powerful elder nobility on Lena's foster father's side. When news of Michalis' proposal spread, Lena was regarded with envy by many women, who yearned to reap the benefits that could only be derived from being his spouse. In an act of defiance, Lena bluntly rejected the proposal, promptly departing from Macedon thereafter. Lena is portrayed as an individual who is compassionate, magnanimous and selfless, a fact that is strongly proven by her having made the act of harnessing her healing capabilities to tend to the needy her personal life's crusade. Further complementing these traits of Lena's is the fact that she is passionate in fulfilling her self-imposed duties as a cleric, one that has seen her going beyond the line of duty by completely disregarding her safety in order to provide assistance to the sick. This is the case during the events directly preceding Chapter 3 of Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, where she, ignoring the warnings of many good-willed villagers, makes her way to the residences around the Samsooth Mountains in order to tend to the ill. Lena's passion is one that also extends to her inclination to be strong-willed and obstinate in standing up to defend her beliefs and convictions; her harsh admonishment of Camus after being caught stealing from the rich to aid the poor proves as much, as his adamant resolve to conform to his duties as a loyal knight of Grust motivates her into lashing out at him, referring to him as an insignificant "pawn of Dolhr". Lena is also portrayed to be prudent in the manner by which she carries herself, as can be evidenced through her originally denying her romantic feelings towards Julian in recognition of her position as a noblewoman. When she is in a state of vulnerability upon being rescued by him much later, however, she lets fall her true feelings, to the extent that she forwardly proposes to him. In spite of the presence of all these positive traits that adorn Lena's portfolio, she has the tendency to be naive, a fact that stems from her inclination to believe that everyone is inherently good at heart. This is evidenced through her interactions with Rickard in Episode 3 of Archanea Saga, during which he feigns tears when Navarre expresses suspicion of his true devious intention in raiding the palace for his personal benefit. Lena is the only one amongst the group of four to be deceived into believing Rickard's tears to be genuine, perceiving him to be "but a fragile child whose feelings are easily hurt".

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