Leon McNichol Husbando

Leon McNichol
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195.00 cm
79.00 kg
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Popularity # 37032
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Trash # 39454

Leon works for AD Police. He loves rock 'n roll and is a big Priss fan. Leon has a strong personality and even greater self-confidence - it's not in his nature to back down, let alone give up. He deeply abhors police corruption and bystanders, which often leads him to show some disrespect to his superior Chief Todo when he calls him back and tells him to close an unsolved case. Of course he knows that Todo only takes orders from above and gives him as much freedom as he can. His partner is Daley Wong, who takes on the matter-of-fact and calm part and often prevents Leon from doing ill-considered things or going for the throat of his superior. The AD Police have him to thank for the fact that their reputation hasn't gone completely down the drain, because with his actions he proves that there are still police officers who are committed to something and who don't immediately retreat when they notice it they don't stand a chance. Unfortunately, Leon also knows that the AD Police are far inferior in technology and equipment to the new combat boomers and that without the intervention of the Knight Sabers they would probably have to reckon with much higher losses than they already have. But that doesn't stop him from intervening in the action himself, even if he knows that the opponent is a size too big for him. Being a big fan of Priss and her music, he naturally never misses an opportunity to hit her up. But at first he only encounters dislike for him, since Priss absolutely doesn't like police officers, especially those who work for the AD Police, because she considers them incompetent. She advises him to take care of the safety of the city rather than chasing after women. But through his tireless commitment and courage, he gains the trust and affection of the Knight Sabers and especially Priss over time, but that doesn't stop him from showing his macho from time to time. He accepts the intervention of the Knignt Sabers and what they are doing despite being a mercenary force, knowing that only they stand a chance against the increasingly powerful battle boomers and genome. And since he doesn't fall flat on his head either and realizes that Priss can always be found where the air burns, he lets on that he knows about her secret identity and that he is also concerned about her health.

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