Libra Husbando

Original Name
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Appears In
Fire Emblem
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 1st
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Popularity # 19949
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Trash # 16146

Libra is a saint and war monk of Ylisse with a calm and composed nature. Having grown up abandoned by his parents, Libra was left with a literal scar on his neck, as revealed by his supports with Nowi. Due to his painful past, Libra developed a distrust of people and even haphephobia, or fear of being touched. While the details of his past are never made explicit, it is heavily implied that Libra seeks to atone for it, first by becoming a priest to help others, and then by lending his strength towards Emmeryn's rescue. This prompted him to join the Ylissean clergy. Hearing of Emmeryn's impending execution, Libra and a group of his fellow clergymen head off to Plegia to rescue the Exalt. However, they are ambushed by the Grimleal along the way, where their numbers are depleted, leaving Libra as the sole survivor. He later arrives at Plegia Castle in Chapter 9, just as Gangrel is about to execute Emmeryn. Fighting through the Grimleal forces, Libra eventually encounters Chrom and requests to join his ranks to save the Exalt. After the war, Libra builds an orphanage and watches over the children under his charge for many years. He is courted by many women and men, and is said to be the incarnation of Naga.

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