Lief Husbando

Original Name
Romaji Name
Appears In
Deltora Quest
Place of Origin
Topaz territory/Del territory
Date of Birth
Blood Type
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Red train I guess?
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Lief grew up in the over one thousand year old blacksmith's forge in Del, in Topaz territory and is of the Del tribe. He spent sixteen years in the forge. Along with his companions Jasmine and Barda, Lief has gone on a number of quests to save Deltora and its people from the grasp of the Shadow Lord and restore the gems of the Belt of Deltora. In the anime, Lief is depicted with blond hair and blue eyes. He dresses in a light bluish-green jacket, which somewhat resembles a tunic, over a black jumpsuit and wears white gloves and boots. He wears his cloak, which is a dark blue colour over his shoulders. Lief has been described by Rodda as being "a pretty cocky street kid. Good-hearted but not necessarily particularly obedient." Lief was once arrogant and careless, however, his various quests have mellowed him into a more careful person. However Barda continually refers to him as being 'hot-headed', which reveals his energetic and action-oriented nature, as well as the tendency to act on whims at times. Despite all this, Lief is compassionate, kind and good-natured. He is still heavily controlled by sentiment, and lets his heart rule his head on many occasions.

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