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Líf is a character from Fire Emblem Heroes. A general of Hel, he shares a name with the first king of Askr. Líf can be described as a man of few words, only speaking on rare occasions, such as his first appearance. Having been resurrected by Hel, he has turned into a cold-blooded killer set on destroying all worlds. However, Líf is not devoid of every single emotion. It's said that he placed flowers as an offering in front of a certain tomb, and he cannot bring himself to attack Sharena when she faces him. When Eir tells him something about her memories and what seems to be parts of his past, he urges her to tell Hel and have said memories erased, probably fearing the information that Eir may have. It is later revealed that the reason he acts so disheartened is because of guilt over witnessing the deaths of everyone he ever cared about due to his own actions, with Sharena's death being the breaking point. As a result, he is so desperate that he did not hesitate to serve Hel in exchange to restore his Askr, even if meant killing Alfonse's. In Xenologue 5, Lif is revealed to be skeptical around mysterious figures like Thorr and Loki. While he does agree to their terms he reveals he'll only do so in order to prove to the gods to not be so arrogant.

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