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Lilina is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. She is the only daughter of Hector, who is one of the protagonists from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, and the heiress apparent of Ostia. She appears as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Lilina's deceased mother is never mentioned in name during The Binding Blade. She is deliberately left ambiguous, as Hector has four potential wives, Lyndis, Florina, Farina, or an unknown woman depending on which supports he gained in The Blazing Blade. Lilina is outgoing and cheerful, often abandoning social obligations between nobility and commoners, deconstructing the knight's desire to maintain their relationship formal due to their different status. On the other hand, she is also childish, idealistic and naïve to the point of being slightly detached from reality. Emotional, she cries easily when she feels that she has hurt someone's feelings or dredged up painful memories. Lilina's compassion and tendency to trust others blindly ultimately brings people to her, and none are particularly offended or troubled despite her occasional outbursts. During the war, Lilina feels anxious and left behind by her childhood friend Roy, realizing that he changed once he got a leadership position, since he had further responsibilities. She often compares her abilities to Roy, and feels unsure of her skills as a leader and future ruler of Ostia, fearing that she is not qualified enough since she is rather guileless and she didn't identify the coming uprising in Ostia. Seeing others being changed by the war resulted in Lilina feeling eager to be useful, despite missing the carefree older days. She notably developed a childhood crush on Roy and relies in Marcus to help her with some advice as seen in their support dialogue, but the possibility that Roy doesn't feel the same is reason of anxiety for her, so she decides to focus on trying to win him over other girls, to not lose him to the "competition", although she never realizes that Larum also has a crush on Roy or at least it is never seen. It's implied that Lilina can move on from her feelings for Roy, as it's implicated in her A support with Gonzales, in which she realizes she wants to be by his side. She eventually adapts to the circumstances and develops into a charismatic lady whose spontaneous charm allows her to connect with outcasts and lower members of the army. She matures into a charming leader that recruits a considerable amount of new members to their cause, such as Gonzalez and Garret. By interacting with them and her knights, she starts to understand in first hand the harsh reality of the common people, a reality that she was unaware due to being rather sheltered and naïve, finding in them a reason to fight, and a motivation to became a fair ruler. She is stubborn like her father Hector, but is far more inclined to seek a peaceful solution. She loves her father dearly and is devastated by his death, but does everything to hide her sadness under a smile. Succeeding him as the future leader of Ostia, Lilina desires to improve herself to become a ruler befitting her father's legacy. Curiously, in her conversation with Ogier, she reveals the wish that she had a little sister, instead of being an only child. Lilina's expansive personality contrasts with her disposition when she was a young child. A period in which she was shyer and more reserved towards strangers, yet polite and friendly, exemplified by her first meeting with Eliwood and his son.

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