Lillian Weinberg

Lillian Weinberg
Original Name
リリアン ・ ワインバーグ
Romaji Name
Ririan Wainbāgu
Appears In
Dr. Stone
Place of Origin
United States of America
Date of Birth
October 1st 1994
165.00 cm
56.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 2141
Like # 1979
Trash # 3832

Lillian Weinberg is a character in the manga Dr. Stone. She was a famous American songstress and NASA astronaut that boarded the International Space Station (ISS) alongside Senku's father, Byakuya Ishigami, and witnessed the petrification of all human life on Earth's surface. Lillian was a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, tied into a ponytail with a ribbon. She shares a strong resemblance to Kohaku and Ruri, as well as many of the women of Ishigami Village, denoting her heritage as their ancestor. Whilst on the ISS, she wore white-striped trackpants, like her fellow astronauts, and a black tank-top. After spending 3 years on the island, most of Lilian's clothes had fallen apart, leaving her in a makeshift sleeveless shirt, shorts, and going completely barefoot. Eventually, Lillian was left in a makeshift tan dress of sorts and continued to go barefoot. Based on her appearance and her last name, it can be assumed that she is likely of German descent. Lillian was a kind and shy young woman. She showed a bit of a playful side as well, as she briefly pretended to be a typical diva while aboard the ISS, but quickly revealed that to be just one of her jokes. She was a profound lover of music, having mourned the loss of centuries of collected compositions ranging from classical works such as Mozart to rock music icons like The Beatles. Music appears to have been a pathway to her escape from an alcoholic father. From the beginning, she was a firm believer in Byakuya's belief in the importance of fun and entertainment as being crucial to the survival of humanity. She revealed to Byakuya that she wanted to unite as many people as she could in happiness with her talents, displaying a passion for the power of music over the human mind and heart. Her conviction in this belief transcended her lifetime hundreds of times over as her belief in the power of the human spirit inspired her to help Byakuya write The Hundred Tales which helped her descendants to survive and maintain the flame of civilization. Her faith in humanity paid off, as Byakuya's son Senku would be remembered in legend and eventually come to Ishigami Village to lead humanity out of the Stone World.

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