Lilynette Piani

Lilynette Piani
Original Name
Romaji Name
Ririnetto Piani
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Submitted By
John Solomon
Popularity # 19303
Like # 17979
Trash # 20994

Lilynette Piani is a mithril class adventurer and a member of Four Armaments. A woman who irradiated a perverse aura. On her neck hung the holy symbol of the Earth God, which was sandwiched between her voluptuous bosom. Due to her physical appearance and her priestess garb, it was assumed that she was a prostitute who was accommodating her client’s fetish or something like that. While being a priestess, Lilynette is well versed with the social circles of both adventurers and nobility. However, Lilynette is also a shotacon as she has a preference for young boys to the ages of twelve. Those around the ages of fifteen and above are considered too old for her. The priestess is also quite cunning and manipulative as she managed to convince Count Naeura to hand over their Holy Sword and acquire the youngest son to be her personal concubine to fulfill her desires. She also appears to be shameless of her behavior, never hiding her intentions out in public and even drooling about the object of her desire.

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