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Linda is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is the substitute character of Tine if Tailtiu was not paired up. Linda is the daughter of Tailtiu's younger sister, Ethnia and the sister of Amid. She is also the cousin of Arthur, Tine, Ishtore, and Ishtar, and one of the granddaughters of Reptor. Like her family members, she bears the blood of Crusader Thrud. In a similar manner to Tailtiu and Tine, Ethnia and Linda were hiding in Silesse until they were captured by Bloom, who imprisoned them in his home. She witnessed Hilda's brutal abuse towards Ethnia that eventually led to the latter's death. After Ishtore's death at the hands of Seliph's army, Linda is sent out onto the battlefield by her uncle, Bloom. She is accompanied by Vampa, Fetra, and Eliu, who attempt to outdo her. During the battle, she meets Amid, who reveals himself to be her brother. At this time, she defects to Seliph's army and remains in it for the rest of the war. During Chapter 8, Linda can meet with Jake, who notes that her name sounds familiar. Before parting ways, she receives an amulet from him that boosts her magical resistance. In her conversation with Amid in the final chapter that can occur if neither of them have fallen in love, Linda asks Amid about Ethnia's reason for leaving Freege and discovers that it was because Tailtiu died fighting alongside Sigurd.

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