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Lire who was born on Eryuell Island grew up following the elves' tradition and customs of avoiding fighting at all costs and living in harmony. With the signs of change in the world, Lire cherished the thought of, one day, adventuring to the outside world. Though the elves of Eryuell Island were known for being exemplary fighters, their love for peace stopped them from getting involved in the humans' battle. However, after years of war and finding out that the cause of the battle was Kaze'aze, they decided that they could no longer sit and watch and accepted the Queen of Serdin's request. After being selected by the Queen of Serdin, with the worries and expectations of her people on her shoulders, Lire leaves Eryuell for the outside world. Through the introduction of Serdin's Knight Master, Lire meets Elesis and Arme.

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