Lisa Isaribi

Lisa Isaribi
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Risa Isaribi
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167.00 cm
55.00 kg
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Lisa Isaribi, formerly known as Feeler during her service in the Knights of the Ashen Flame, is a former Third Generation Pyrokinetic. She is a member of Special Fire Force Company 8. Lisa is a curvy young woman with light red hair that is parted to the right side of her forehead and is tied into a knot that falls into a pony tail with separate bangs. She has light burnt orange eyes and has two dark horizontal striped tattoos revolving around her upper left arm and her right thigh. Her initial outfit featured white gloves, a white crop top, dark jeans with the left leg cut off, revealing her tattoos, and a white tool-belt with a white skull for a belt -buckle. She wears black shoes with a clip as a tightening method. As a member of the Ashen Flame, her uniform features the cross of the Holy Sol over a white robe, a rope-like belt, dark separate-sleeves underneath white gauntlets with a spiraling pattern and armored boots. Her left sleeve also features a pattern identical to her tattoos. After defecting from the group and joining Company 8, Lisa's hair has been cut and wear the orange company jumpsuit with black boots. Unlike other members, Lisa leaves her jumpsuit open; exposing a black crop top underneath. While on duty, Lisa wears the jacket. Lisa was initially shown to be kind and honest and cared deeply for Vulcan and Yū as if they were her family. Her loyalty to Vulcan lead to her worrying about his increasingly desperate situation. Much like Vulcan, she has a fiery and antagonistic approach to members of the Fire Force. In spite of this, she is willing to talk to them and regents insulting the church in front of Iris. However, later on, she reveals her true persona as a servant of the Preacher, deceiving both Vulcan and Yū. In truth, she was willing to be ruthless in the pursuit of her goals; lying to both her companions, knocking out Yū with her powers and electrocuting Vulcan with a taser. Despite this and her taunting, Lisa still shows concern for both boys and was uncertain about her place in the White Hoods after experiencing Vulcan's kindness, even considering leaving with them before deciding against it. Her care and concern for both of them are hinted to be genuine instead of something faked for the sake of her mission, but still far too weak to overcome her ingrained brainwashing. Being raised and brainwashed for years under the care of Dr. Giovanni, Lisa has developed a deep fear of being abandoned by Dr. Giovanni, despite being terrified even at the sight of him. Due to having manipulated her for years, knowing and even sculpting her psychological weaknesses, Dr. Giovanni gained tremendous influence over Lisa, causing her to put aside her doubts and opinions, robotically following his orders as to not disappoint him. The brainwashing from Dr. Giovanni was so deep-rooted that Lisa is terrified at the thought of him, regardless if he is around. After recovering from Giovanni, Lisa portrays herself to be tough, sarcastic and helpful. She is shown to be playful with the other members of company 8 and shows a more goofy side. Lisa has grown attached to them and decides to go rescue Obi along with the others because she feels he saved her from her darkness.

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