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Lissa is a playable character from Fire Emblem Awakening. Lissa initially comes across as an individual who looks upon the world with a naive simplistic outlook, a fact that is compounded by her seemingly spoiled and immature behavior. This is evidenced from her supports with both Robin and Donnel, where she pulls lighthearted pranks on the former, and becomes visibly upset when the latter displays an intellect superior to hers. In a rather conflicting light, Lissa is embarrassed of these traits of hers, as she perceives them as unbecoming of a noble lady. She has become rather insecure over her character as a whole, where she not just laments over her unladylike mannerisms, but also tries to emulate her sister. She also admitted in the Xenologue EXPonential Growth, that she sometimes steals sweets from Chrom’s pack and even gold. These quirks and flaws are, however, offset by her exuberant, optimistic attitude, one that is deemed crucial for boosting the army’s morale by Chrom. This is further bolstered by Lissa’s compassion, where her willingness to indiscriminately help anyone and befriend all whom she meets, as is the case with her friendship with Maribelle. She has proven to be quite overbearing as a mother to Owain; as he tells Lucina in his support with her that Lissa would "tan his hide" if he did not speak normally with everyone. Despite this, in her supports with her son, when she realizes that Owain kept telling her to name her armor in the belief that she will be better protected, Lissa gushed over how much she loves him. Another point of note is that of Lissa's manner of speech is similar to a commoner, rather than the typical speech of royalty. This allows her to connect better with the people in army compared to Chrom and Emmeryn. She jumps up the most out of anyone in the army and is the most likely to snort.

armor blonde hair blue eyes choker fair skin long hair playable playable character small breasts twintails shoulder-length hair thin eyebrows
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