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Loid Forger
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Roido Fōjā
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187.00 cm
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Loid Forger is the main protagonist of the SPY x FAMILY series. He has discarded everything about his past to work for his country of Westalis as an undercover spy who acts under the codename "Twilight". His real name is unknown, and he created the name "Loid Forger" as an alias. For his current mission, he is required to marry and have a child. Thus, he enters a marriage with Yor Briar and becomes the adoptive father of Anya Forger. Loid is a handsome man with short blond hair, blue eyes, and light skin. His hair is often slicked back to varying degrees, depending on the occasion. He is quite tall, with a slim but athletic build. His exact age is unknown, although his history and appearance point to him being in his late twenties or early thirties. Because of his handsome looks, many girls become infatuated with him; even Anya's best friend Becky Blackbell gains a crush on him and describes him as "very dreamy." When Loid is outside, he often wears a light green three-piece suit with a red tie. On his left lapel, he wears a pin in the shape of a dagger with the symbol of WISE at its center. For his home attire, he typically wears a plain white T-shirt with long black pants. As a psychiatrist, he wears a lab coat over his shirt and tie. As a child, Loid wore a white long-sleeved button-down shirt, black shorts with suspenders, white crew socks, and black shoes. When joining the war, he wore the standard Westalian Army soldier uniform. Befitting of a spy, his true personality is rather cold and methodical, doing whatever it takes to complete the mission, from joining terrorist organizations to dating a target's daughter to becoming a father. However, he has a kind and caring personality that reveals itself when it comes to his new family, even at the risk of his mission. Loid's title as Westalis's greatest spy is quite deserved. His skills, both physical and mental, are second to none. He is able to effortlessly disarm an army of well-trained spies and remain ice-cold under pressure, able to calmly analyze any given situation and create a plan in seconds. He can not only figure out an entire person's personality and develop a tailored list of answers to any question they could ask, but can keep track of that list in his mind, as well as an extensive number of codes. Being a spy, Loid makes great efforts to understanding others around him, whether it be his targets or his fake family, looking to find what makes them tick or the kind of individual they truly are. However, in his family's case, their unpredictable nature and shenanigans can be tiring for Loid, often leading him to overthink and create misunderstandings. While Loid is willing to do anything to complete his missions, he has a strong sense of responsibility in that it is his responsibility and his alone to make his mission successful. He only kills when absolutely necessary and sees putting innocent civilians, even his pawns, in danger as unacceptable. For example, while he knows he will have to ultimately abandon Anya and Yor at the end of Operation Strix, he will make sure they are well provided for and kept safe upon the mission's completion. Loid's past as a powerless war orphan, feeling despair and isolation, has seemingly stuck with him into his adult years and serves as his motivation as a spy to create a world without war and where children would not have to cry. He sincerely empathizes with Yor about sacrificing oneself for the sake of others and their beliefs, becoming the deciding factor for her decision to marry him. In addition, Loid also values friendship, emphasizing to Anya that they should be cherished. Unlike his current personality and profession as a spy, Loid was an honest child who rarely lied to his parents. When he lied to his father to receive pocket money to buy a soldier set, he quickly felt guilty about it, almost confessing to his father immediately afterward and wishing to work for money to pay his father back. After his father disappeared during the Ostanian raid of his hometown, Loid felt even more guilty and vowed to tell his father the truth when he returned. After losing so many loved ones to the war, especially his mother, Loid swore revenge on Ostania and joined the war, becoming a cold and bitter soldier. His perspective of the world changed after a chance encounter with an Ostanian deserter and a short-lived reunion with his childhood friends. Following this and his recruitment to WISE, Loid became motivated to help bring peace to the world as a spy.

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