Lo Po Bia Elaine

Lo Po Bia Elaine
Original Name
로 포 비아 엘레인
Romaji Name
Lo Po Bia Ellein
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Lo Po Bia Elaine formerly known as "Kaiser" the Name Hunter is a Regular from Lo Po Bia Family who acted as the ruler of the third station of the Hell Train located on the 39th Floor, The Name Hunt Station, for over a thousand years on behalf of her family. She is a Fisherman and one of the 3 top D-rank Regulars. Elaine is a currently part of Team Baam. Elaine is a tall decoratively dressed woman with long dark green hair that falls to around her knees and blue-green coloured eyes. She has fancy red earrings hanging from her ears and also a dark green tiara atop the crown of her head. Elaine wears a forest green coloured waistcoat-like garment, fastened at her neck with a red gem brooch, and forest green coloured skirt with dark tights underneath. She wears forearm length gloves of similar colour and finally wears an all-encompassing dark cloak which covers most of her outfit and drapes along the ground behind her to some degree. As the Kaiser of the Name Hunt Station, she used to hide her face behind an ornate silver mask with red painted lips. Elaine appears to be a cold, calculating and a strict individual who seeks only to maintain her reign over the Name Hunt station in order to repay her somewhat self-imposed debts. She is also a relatively savvy individual, realising that there was something off about the overt arrival of Jyu Viole Grace and also informing her subordinates to stay hidden in order to prevent Androssi and her team from challenging them and taking their names. Alphine noted that before the "incident" in her youth that changed her to what she is now, Elaine was a dignified, courageous, kind and courteous woman. She is revealed to be extremely beautiful during the festival.

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