Lorraine Vivie

Lorraine Vivie
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Rorēnu Vivie
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Lorraine Vivie is a genius scholar who studies monsters and magics. She is an old friend of Rentt Faina and a silver rank mage. Lorraine is young beautiful woman who possesses light blonde hair that reaches to her waist and yellow eyes. She wears a dress that expose her shoulders and the upper part of chest. She wears high heels. She met Rentt when she applied for her first quest at the Maalt Town's adventurer guild. At first she though him as a nuisance and would dragged the quest. However, she was wrong as it was her who heavily relied on him for finishing the quest. Ever since then, she never belittle him and their friendship grows as they exchange their knowledge in their respective expertise. Their friendship is deep enough as she felt worried during his sudden disappearance and for her to know his presence just based on the way he knock the door. It is hinted that she has feelings for him but gets too embarrass to express them properly as shown when whenever Rentt complements her looks or getting jealous whenever a new girl gets involved with him.

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