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Louis Cyphre
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Louis Cyphre is an enigmatic non-player character who often appears in the Megami Tensei franchise. The name 'Louis Cyphre' is likely a reference to the 1987 film Angel Heart (and by extension, the book it was based on, William Hjortsberg's Falling Angel), which features a character of the same name played by Robert De Niro, who was the devil in disguise. Louis Cyphre presents the demeanor of a streetwise and charismatic gentleman, but in reality is an avatar of Lucifer, with characteristic mismatched red and blue eyes. He is a reliable source for inside information typically found among other nondescript characters in equally nondescript locales. While reliable, he does not give the information freely, as he shows a penchant for riddles. In Megami Tensei series, Lucifer is the symbol for Chaos alignment, and is a major recurring demon. Throughout the Megami Tensei Multiverse, Lucifer has many different incarnations, each with specific history and personality. Generally speaking, Lucifer's defining trait is the fact he was an angel created by YHVH, then for one reason or another rebelled against his creator along with a host of other angels, before being defeated and cast out as demons. Earlier games such as Megami Tensei usually depict Lucifer as a classical villain, full of arrogance and pride and while he opposes YHVH as a vain tyrant, he also looks down on humans. However, in Megami Tensei II, Lucifer is depicted as a benevolent figure who is honestly concerned about humanity's survival and future, to the point his race changes from Tyrant to Deity. In subsequent games, the franchise begins to adopt a general depiction for Lucifer. Beginning from Shin Megami Tensei, he is depicted as a manipulator who stands behind the scenes and encourages the protagonist to turn against YHVH and the Law faction. The demon designer of early Shin Megami Tensei series, Kazuma Kaneko, has gone on record claiming Lucifer in this series is not inherently evil, but rather, a figure whose purpose is to tempt and test the protagonists, and by extension the player. Depending on the player's decisions, he can either be a great ally or a sinister foe. In Lucifer's design, Kaneko also mentioned how, according to one theory, Lucifer is depicted as a beautiful angel with 12 wings. This is reflected in the series: in many games, he often assumes the form of a demon with 6 wings; while in a few, he appears as an angel with 6 wings; combining both of them represents the 12 wings. He also shows his power through the many human forms he can assume, such as Louis Cyphre. Kaneko then expressed there will be a time when he will reveal his true form, a combination of all his other forms, to the player. However, the aforementioned general depiction still doesn't necessarily apply to all instances of Lucifer, depending on the cosmos in which a game takes place in. For example in Devil Children sub-series, Lucifer was instead created by the Starhair, and serves as a sincere supporter for the protagonists.

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