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Louise was born to a family of low nobility. When she was 14 years, Louise was gathered among 20 noble ladies, with higher status, up for consideration to marry Lord Pent, the count of one of the biggest houses of Etruria. Rather than developing skills that showed good qualities of a housewife by doing traditionally womenly duties like singing and dancing like the other ladies of the court, Louise instead chose the path of a warrior, learning to utilize a bow. Honing her skills, she developed a deadly hability with shot. This, accompanied by her vow to protect Pent regardless of whom he chose. The nobles at the room laughed at her, but to everyone's surprise Pet was impressed by her sincerity and selected Louise as his fiancée, making her the new Countess Reglay of Etruria through marriage. Years later, Louise and Pent took Erk as their adoptive son when the boy was 12 years old and was found lost in the snow. Louise was extremely happy to have a new companion in the castle because Pent was too busy fulfilling his duty as a mage general and so was rarely home. She doted him with attention and treats, but Erk spent most of his time locked in his room studying and reading books until exhaustion, worrying her. Louise accompanied Pent on his quest into the Nabata Desert in search of artifacts. Although they are nearly robbed, Eliwood , Hector and their army arrive at the desert and protect the two. As thanks, the duo and Hawkeye lead them to Athos and subsequently fight alongside Eliwood for the rest of his journey. Being a distant relative but old friend of queen Hellene, she helps Eliwood, Hector and the army reaching her safely, to ask her help to access the Shrine of Seals. During the battle against the Fire Dragon, Louise reveals to Pent that she is finally pregnant, news that elates him. Soon after, Louise gives birth to their first-born Klein. Several years later, they also have a daughter, Clarine. Around twenty years later, during the events of Binding Blade, a coup was happening in their dukedom, but Louise and her husband didn't care and acted as nothing was happening, their lax attitude concerned their son, who was possibily more aware of the political situation. Louise is informal, spontaneous, gentle albeit somewhat childlike in nature. Her tittle as a poweful countess often intimidates the low born members of the army, but she rejects stiff formality, always assuring that she wants to be treated as everyone else, asking to be adressed by her first name. Too much formality makes her unconfortable especially because she was not born in a poweful family. She also rejects other people eventual attempt to protect her, assuring she can protect herself and instead taking the role of Pent's personal defensor, as she promised in their marriage vows. Despite not having very developed skills in traditional womenly arts like dancing, poetry and singing as expected of most noble ladies, Louise is still very girly with strong motherly instinct, as shown by her disposal of taking orphans to her castle and raising them as their own children, like she did with Erk and Dieck. She is very doting towards her adopted son Erk, despite him feeling unworthy and overwheelmed by her love, and she doesn't care about the nobles complaining of her raising commoners as proper nobles. She always wants to take care of members of the army by doing small acts of kindness like braiding Guy's hair and making Rebecca feel more confident with herself. She loves Pent, even taking on the role of both his wife and protector, having taken up the bow as a means to catch his attention away from his other suitors in the past, though she used to ressent the small amount of time they spent togheter in the castle, finding solace in Erk's company. Despite many other men in the army finding her beautiful, she never once swayed from her feelings towards her husband. As a ruler and mother, Louise showed to be lax. This is demonstrated by her carefree attitude towards the coup in the territory of her dukedom, the fact that her younger daughter Clarine ran away home bored with her lifestyle, and that Klein was almost killed by a lion in an arena when he was a kid.

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