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Louise is a member of the Yeagerists. Once a young girl who was in Trost with her mother when the Titans invaded, she later joins the military and participates in the Raid on Liberio as a Survey Corps recruit. She defects from the Corps to join Eren Yeager's cause. Appearance: Louise has shoulder-length light hair which she keeps parted down the middle. When she was younger, her outfit consisted of a jacket which she wore over a dark shirt and skirt. Her current civilian clothes consist of a simple light long-sleeve shirt and a long skirt. When on duty, she can be seen wearing the standard Survey Corps uniform. Personality: Louise believes that strength is the most important attribute one can have in the world, to the point that she almost seems to have a "might equals right" mentality. Much of this mindset stems from her experiences during the Battle of Trost District, where she claims to have learned from watching Mikasa Ackerman fight in the face of adversity to achieve victory. She believes that the ends justify the means, and has no qualms about breaking rules if she believes that disobeying others will get her what she wants.

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