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Lucina is a playable child character and the tritagonist from Fire Emblem Awakening. Early on in Awakening, she appears as a masked swordsman under the alias Marth. Lucina is a strong willed, pragmatic, serious woman, who is determined to defy fate to alter the dark future she came from. She admires historical figures and her ancestrals, showing extreme reverence to her father, and trying to emulate how she thought her ancestor Marth acted, to lend her the strength she needed. Due to the countless deaths and horrific events of the future, she dislikes any form of death, even "noble" ones. Her stoic personality and lacking sense of humour are results of her feeling responsible for the survivor children of Shepherds, so being their leader, she believes there's no place for herself to lighten. She cares for comrades deeply and has a sense of justice. But even with her leadership skills and talent as a swordswoman, Lucina never gives herself any credit, constantly doubting whether or not she can live up to Marth or her father's name. Her main motivations come from her love for her parents, especially Chrom. Lucina is willing to do whatever it takes to see that Chrom stays alive, even if it means going against her wish for no needless deaths. Nevertheless, she is obedient to her father and puts her trust in his judgements, showing a strong bond of trust with him. Bearing a keen resemblance to Marth, it even leads to her being mistaken as him by Tiki when she is introduced, with the latter remarking that her involuntary actions when helping others further likens her to Marth himself. Furthering that point, she even speaks in a very formal and polite manner more reminiscent of him, contrasting her father. Despite that, she seems to have inherited some of her father's traits as well, as some of her quotes implies that she has his habit of breaking things when practicing. As a result of her troubled childhood, Lucina tries to spend, desperately, as much time as she can with her parents in order to have the moments she couldn't before. Once the world is saved, she doesn't wish to get in the way of them tending to their present daughter, despite the assurances from them both that even though she's from a different timeline, she is still their daughter and that they love her equally. She values her Falchion because of it being the last possession left behind by her father, as she gets angered at her sibling using it to cut apples. She also has a paranoid streak. Said behavior goes so far as to be paranoid of Female Robin if she is not her mother, because of her close relationship with Chrom, only to irrationally demand for Robin to fall in love with her father when the former claims to not consider him gallant, much to their mutual confusion. Despite her serious and stoic persona, Lucina has light and unintentionally goofy moments around the ones she is close, especially her parents and sibling. One of her most bizarre traits is her odd taste for fashion, as it is shown most prominently in her supports with her mother, where she goes from purchasing a dress featuring pictures of Emmeryn to attempt to pick several other options while shopping with her (which goes from uncommon to literally having only strings). This is further proved by the fact that she wears bizarre Groucho-Marx glasses in the official Awakening comics and drama CDs, buys and owns numerous bear hats in both the drama CDs, and in her appearance in Fates. Lucina has a rather dry sense of humor, and is the least likely to get a joke out of everyone in the Shepherds.

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