Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery
Original Name
Romaji Name
Rūshī Mōdo Mongomeri
Place of Origin
Clifton, Canada
Date of Birth
November 30th 1874
165.00 cm
44.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 2923
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Lucy Maud Montgomery is a former member of the American organization known as the Guild. Her ability is known as Anne of Abyssal Red. Lucy is a pale-skinned girl with a short and slim build. Her eyes are green and her long crimson hair is styled into two thick braids with choppy bangs and a white flower hairpiece on the left side of her head. She also has braces, though not clearly visible in the manga. She has a scar on her right arm that she obtained during her time at the orphanage from a hot iron poker. When working as a waitress, she is seen waring an apron and a white triangle headpiece. Lucy wears a straw hat and sunglasses for disguise at the Airtram terminal in order to take Atsushi and Kyōka Izumi to the Sky Casino without being detected. Due to her poor treatment at the orphanage along with treated as only a pawn by the Guild, she has a very twisted personality. However, outside of this, she comes off as haughty and rude to hide her true character. After her defeat at the hands of Atsushi, it is implied that she has developed feelings for him, as he was one of the few to show his true kindness and concern for her well-being.

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