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Luna, a Dryad from the Spirit Tribe, was sacrificed to Shadow Knight in order to protect their village. At Sora's request, Rein helped her and her older twin sister by defeating Shadow Knight. along with Sora, decided to join his party, making them his third and fourth contractual. She's one of the main heroines of Beast Tamer series. Luna is identical to his twin sister, Sora. Luna is a spirit of short height. Though her real age is over 200 years old, she's likely to make mistaken for a child. Her flaxen hair was tied up in floral As a spirit; on her back, a pair of glowing light feathers that Sora could easily camouflage from the humans after she joined Rein's party. She put a bloomed blue flower on the left side of her hair. Luna is the opposite of her shy sister, who is completely open with her feelings. After Rein and others helped her by freeing them from the Shadow Knight, she shows a sarcastic, mischievous, dimwitted, and playful nature and tends to speak statements that often end up misleading, especially with Rein which often branded him as a lolicon. She indirectly suggests, thinks, and talks about more intimate acts and situations. She is also a loving sister who cares for Sora's well-being though her elder sister scolded her of her dimwittedness. Like her sister, she is completely loyal to Rein; Luna also holds disgust over other men who unconditionally like to stand out, such as she despised Edgar Fromware who wanted her and her sister to be his "playthings". She is also hates Arios Orlando for being a stupid jerk when she learned the soon-to-be former hero banished Rein. After learning Arios escaped from prison, Luna also desired to kill the former Hero for the crimes he committed.

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