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Her appearance has changed since Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, and she now has a more adult look and the same height as the other bachelorettes. Unlike her sister Candace, Luna is outgoing and takes charge. Despite her size, Luna is quick to defend her soft spoken older sister. She helps her grandmother Shelly run the family business, and is never shy to speak her mind. Because she is so outspoken, Luna may come off as rude, but she means well. She also has a serious and career driven side, which is particularly appealing to your rival Gill. Luna loves the color pink and has a keen sense of fashion. She also has a sweet tooth, and loves to eat cakes, pies, cookies, and chocolate. During Sonata Tailoring's business hours, Luna will be in the shop hard at work. When the store is closed on Sundays, she can still be very easily found outside the streets of the shop in Harmonica Town. Until you ring the Blue Bell and calm the waters around Castanet, Luna will be unavailable in game.

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