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Lyndis, commonly known as Lyn, is one of the three main characters of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Lyn is energetic with a strong sense of independence. Due to her humble origins in the plains, being brought up in a nomadic lifestyle outside of the palaces of Lycia, she knows little of noble manners and customs. This does not mean she is savage though, as Lyn is very friendly and polite to those around her. She has pride in her Sacae heritage, and is not willing to tolerate when that is insulted. As a lady of the Sacae plains, she never lies. Additionally, she has a strong sense of justice and is very persistent. She has been noted to be a determined, deep, caring, and kind-hearted soul who firmly believes she can accomplish her goals and works hard to do so. She rarely thinks ill of others and, despite the circumstances, always remains optimistic. However, due to the massacre of the Lorca tribe by the Taliver Bandits, she harbors a great hatred towards all bandits and pirates, refusing to be associated with them. So great is her hatred, Lyn's initial motivation for her travels is to become stronger in order to destroy the bandits and avenge her people. She is not entirely intractable however, as she does show tolerance towards these people depending on the situation, although she is understandably slow to trust them. Lyn is also a staunch believer in equality between the two genders. She is strong and often slightly offended when anyone underestimates her because of her gender. This is revealed through her supports with some male characters, where she is quick to anger each time she assumes that they are underestimating her physical ability on the grounds that she is a woman. This is arguably the result of, or at least accentuated by, the fact that the Lorca survivors refused to follow her because of her gender. Overall Lyn is known for her friendly, loyal demeanor, one that has earned her the friendship and trust of many of her friends, including even more austere individuals like Rath. She has faith in familial bonds and was eager to see her ailing and regretful grandfather even after he renounced her mother. Though kind to her allies, Lyn will not hesitate to kill anyone who attempts to harm her friends, even indirectly. This alone showcases Lyn's bravery and devotion towards her loved ones.

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