Madoka Amano

Madoka Amano
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She is the daughter of the manager that owns the Beyblade Shop, otherwise known as the B-Pit. During her time there, she repairs and analyzes Beyblades. She is a former member of Team GanGan Galaxy, that represented Japan in the World Championships. Although she was part of the team, she did not battle. Instead, she helped the team to repair their Beys and also tells Team GanGan Galaxy about other teams' Beys. She is portrayed as a kind and motherly figure to Gingka and his friends. For example, Madoka thinks good manners are important and often tries to correct the boys' behavior. She is a Beyblade mechanic who works on and analyzes Beyblades. Although she hardly fights with her Bey, she is very passionate about Beyblade and often watches Bey battles. She would even go to the extent of stopping Bladers if she senses or knows their Bey has been damaged - for example, when Kyoya was facing Yu in the Survival Battle. She will also go to such lengths - for example, taking all night to fix Gingka and other people's Beyblades.

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