Mahiru Shiina

Mahiru Shiina
Original Name
Romaji Name
Shiina Mahiru
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 6th
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Popularity # 1996
Like # 1776
Trash # 5524

Mahiru Shiina is the female protagonist of The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten. She is the next-door neighbor of Amane Fujimiya and attends the same high school. Every part of Mahiru's appearance is synonymous with beautiful, and she is often inseparably described as such. Her blond hair is always straight, well-groomed, flaxen, silky smooth, and lustrous. Her large eyes are caramel colored, with long lashes, both top, and bottom. In addition, Mahiru possesses pale, milky-white, soft, perfect skin and a shapely nose. She often wears somewhat trendy, if high-quality, and practical clothes. They are still also modest, and generally not too revealing, which exemplifies her humble and unassuming personality. Due to her parents basically abandoning her, both physically and emotionally, Mahiru was raised by a housemaker, Koyuki-san. Like a lone flower at an unattainable place, she is very withdrawn. She hides her thoughts and feelings under a figurative mask, always seemingly angelic, if distant. She is an excellent cook, impressing Amane Fujimiya, his friends, and his parents. She is also very organized, practical, and frugal. She cleans and organizes the household easily. She prefers practical gifts - for example, she asked for a whetstone for sharpening her knives when Amane asked her what she might want as a present. She is also known to cut coupons and shop sales, preferring first to get high-quality things that will last, but then seeking the lowest possible price for such things. She does, however, dearly love the stuffed bear Amane gives her, and it is unclear how much of it is, because she secretly wants to be more girly or simply because it was given to her by Amane. She is excellent at both sports and academics, often coming in the top of her class on tests, with perfect scores. She is also an extremely hard worker, who wants her achievements to look like they did not require extreme effort. During the course of the series, she opens up, and after she starts dating Amane, her personality becomes more genuine and is much more attractive. She also becomes more outgoing and willing to let the rest of the world see more of who she really is, including warming up to Amane's parents and Amane's friends. Mahiru is an innocent, cute, kind, and loving person. She has a strong moral compass and is tirelessly generous, trying to help people when possible, and often going above and beyond, if she feels safe in interacting with them enough to do so. Once relaxing in private, her deeper tendency to be brutally honest comes out, though she never is mean about it. While she is still guarded about some things, especially her parents, she will often clam up and refuse to speak about them instead of outright lying about them. And when she does comment about her past trauma, it is obvious to anyone paying attention that her words are lifeless and cold. She does have some flaws in her social graces, especially when it comes to close relationships, often making innocent gestures that could easily be mistaken for other things, such as feeding Amane Fujimiya a bite of cake early on in their relationship, where Amane had to point out to her that it was a very intimate action. She also tends to have a mild lack of self-confidence, always seemingly surprised when Amane genuinely compliments her, and then feeling deeply relieved that it was acceptable. She also tends to not try to push Amane about their relationship, despite clearly having developed feelings for him first. However, a mischievous streak appears when she finally tries to maneuver him into realizing his feelings, once she is sure about her own, she becomes frustrated with waiting for him. Being the most popular girl at school, in the beginning, Mahiru only interacts with the females at school, as many boys are infatuated with her and often try to woo her. However, she does not like this attention and does not trust strangers easily at all. She has no hesitation in lying or otherwise obfuscating the facts of her life when interacting with other people at school, trying her hardest to keep everyone at arm's length as much as possible. She manages to do all of this, and be her perfect self, while always seemingly polite and humble about her successes, further adding to her perfect appearance in everyone else's eyes.

blonde hair fair skin high school student long hair medium breasts straight hair yellow eyes japanese
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