Mahito Husbando

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Mahito is one of the primary antagonists of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a cursed spirit allied with Suguru Geto. His group's ultimate goal is the eradication of humanity and ultimately replacing the population with cursed spirits. As described by jujutsu sorcerers, Mahito is a human-looking cursed spirit with a patchwork face and gray eyes. (In the anime, Mahito possesses heterochromia, as his left eye is dark blue and his right eye is gray.) He has long grayish-blue hair that reaches past his neck and is sectioned off into three large strands with ties at the ends. Along with his face, Mahito has stitches all across his body that give him the appearance that he was sewn together. Mahito normally sports a black shawl that is separated into three pieces on the left sleeve. He also wears matching pants with and sometimes without white shoes. Mahito is a sadistic, immature cursed spirit who enjoys toying with human emotions. He believes he was born from human transgressions and considers himself the very manifestation of humans' hatred of each other. As such, Mahito believes that humans should be extinguished and cursed spirits should rule in their place. Mahito has no sympathy for human lives and appears to place little value on even his own life. He is devoted to his cause, believing that reviving Sukuna is more important than his own well being. As long as cursed spirits eventually reign supreme, Mahito cares not if he's there to see it. Unlike his ally Jogo, who is very short-tempered and arrogant, Mahito can remain relatively calm and is playful in nature. Even so, they agree on the same goals when it comes to their race. Nanami describes Mahito as extremely immature and has a superficiality about him similar to Satoru Gojo. He enjoys toying with humans, even in battle when his life is on the line. Mahito befriended Junpei because he saw him as a toy that could be fun to play with. He coerced Junpei into becoming a curse user by feeding on his hatred. When his toy ran out of use, Mahito used him as leverage against Yuji and had even killed him without a second thought. Mahito is also very philosophical when it comes to the concept of souls. He believes that the human soul came before the body and is intrigued by the very nature of the soul. His cursed technique is derived from this obsession, and he uses it to experiment on human victims in order to gain further knowledge. He does keep his composure for the most part but can be visibly shaken when his own safety is threatened as when Yuji showed that his own attacks could do real harm to Mahito. Later when Nobara Kugisaki used her cursed technique on him, he was shocked when he was hurt as her cursed technique can bypass physical resistance and attack the soul the same as Yuji's attacks. He then emphasizes getting rid of her showing his strong desire to neutralise anyone or anything capable of hurting him. At the end of his second battle with Yuji, being critically injured by Black Flash and exhausted, Mahito became terrified of Yuji when Yuji showed Mahito his resolve to hunt him down, seeing in Yuji the same callous disdain that Mahito himself showed others. Mahito then desperately tried to escape Yuji showing that despite all his bravado and pontificating, he was little more that a cruel child at heart that enjoyed hurting others when there was no danger to him but fearful when the consequences of his actions finally caught up with him.

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