Maia Azuma

Maia Azuma
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Maia Azuma is a member of the Azuma Family. She is a member of the Anti-Demon Corps' 9th Unit earning the position of Vice-Chief. Maia is a spectacled young woman with a rather buxom figure, with long blue hair and a white strap wrapped around on of her hair strands. As a member of the Anti-Demon Corps, most of the time, she is seen dressed in their uniform. Maia appears to be a rather serious and professional woman, showing almost no reaction to Homare's taunts, but still having a feeling of superiority similar to most in the Azuma Family. She also appears to have no feeling of love or respect for her youngest sister, Himari, who she said gained an ego boost after beating Yachiho once without acknowledging that she won. Maia showed no reaction to Homare wanting to beat Himari, but stated that she had no right to decide who would beat Himari.

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