Majima Husbando

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Lycoris Recoil
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Popularity # 12080
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Majima is a side character in the original anime series, Lycoris Recoil. Majima is a young male with voluminous green hair. He wears a dark navy blue trench coat, a patterned pink shirt with red palm trees, black pants and a pair of dark grey boots. The ringleader of the terrorist group who attacked Kita-Oshiage subway station. He states his objective is to balance out the "lie", presumably referring to the peace upheld by the DA. Majima is introduced leading a group of armed men who perpetrate a terrorist attack on Kita-Oshiage station. Sceptical of Japan's stellar record of public safety, he believes to smell the "bleached, sanitized, healthy and unwholesome smell of a lie", wishing to balance it by perpetrating an act of terrorism. Majima, along with his accomplices, prepare to massacre a subway train full of civilians arriving at the station, but are instead met with a large group of Lycoris agents. With his comrades slain, and himself heavily wounded from several gunshots, Majima decides to detonate a large amounts of explosives and destroy the subway station. Surviving the incident and learning of the Lycoris' existence, he begins to hunt the agents. His first victim is an unknown 3rd Lycoris, who he runs over and has executed in the middle of a street.

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