Maki Shijo

Maki Shijo
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January 1st
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Maki Shijo is a supporting character in the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai series. She is a third-year high school student at Shuchi'in Academy and a member of Volunteering Club. She is a daughter of the Shijo family, a branch family of the Shinomiya house. Specifically, she is a cousin of Kaguya. Maki is a cute young girl with short brown hair that is tied up in short pigtails with bangs covering her forehead and her eye color is solid pink (purple in the anime). Prior to her current appearance, she had shoulder-length hair. She is often seen dressed in a Shuchi'in Academy school uniform. Maki is in many ways very similar to Kaguya Shinomiya; Both are very tsundere, acts cold on the outside but is a real sweetheart inside. As descendants of the Shinomiya bloodline, both exhibit pride and arrogance. Both of them also have a knack for scheming. But underneath these personality traits are innocent, kind and fair-minded teenage girls at heart. Compared to Kaguya, Maki has a more casual feel when interacting with others, always referring to people by their first names and without any honorifics. She is somewhat inconsistent with her emotions and is unable to maintain an arrogant act, especially when the topic concerns Tsubasa Tanuma. Hailing from a branch family and not the main Shinomiya house, she has not been raised completely sheltered and isolated like Kaguya.

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