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Makoto Misumi is the Main Protagonist of this series. He is one of the three World Travelers who was summoned to the Goddess' World. Originally meant to be the only person to be sent to the other world as per the contract between his parents and the Goddess, but because of her own preferences in beauty standards, she abandons and throws Makoto to the edge of her world into the Wasteland, while secretly kidnapping two other people from Earth and sending them to her world as Heroes. Tsukuyomi, the Moon God of Earth who worked as the middleman for the completion of the contract, helped Makoto and provided him with his blessing and told him to be free and live as he wishes to. In the Goddess' World, he is also known by the alias "Raidou Kuzunoha" (in WN/LN) or "Makoto Kuzunoha" (in Manga/Anime), a powerful merchant and skilled teacher. Makoto is a short (160 cm) and young teenager with black mid-length hair and eyes. His facial features are average in appearance but to those of the Goddess's world, he is considered ugly and/or being mistaken as a demi-human of some kind. When his mana is not kept in check by his mana absorbing rings, his mana overflows and is said to look like an ominous desert haze and gives off an aura that can be seen as great power that others respond to in different ways. He is in no way negatively affected by this ominous desert haze as he is unaware of its presence and even less when he uses Sakai. He can look at someone in a disinterested way when he's in an emotional state that can be quite dangerous, it is most visible when his eyelets darken around his eyes Like many other students his age, Makoto is quite naïve. In sports and his studies he is barely on average. Thus he is in no way considered special. He uses target practice as a way to relieve emotional and social stress. It's been shown when he can't target practice he has trouble regulating his emotions. According to his elder sister (Extra chapter 5), in his perspective of love, he always ended up seeing the girls who confessed to him to the status of "family" and "friends". According to Tsukuyomi, Misumi's earnest and humble personality has led to many girls take a liking towards him, which is especially obvious for his Archery club president and a club activities kohai. As the middle child, Makoto tends to adore his little and older sister, but in the past and currently, he has shown to have a dark streak of sociopathic tendencies. His eyes tend to become serious, lifeless and scary in this state, his voice calm but filled with a cold tone. In this state he tends to try and remain in control of his emotions, but it's very likely he would destroy a nation to save those close to him. He can take a lot of abuse from friends and enemies alike, but he has a strong sense of justice for those younger then him, he disdains bullies, and will protect his friends and adoptive family by any means necessary. When he killed his first Hyuman, it was in response to the adventurers he sent to his "illusionary city" he acted coldly, unforgiving and pursued the surviving adventurer, only after thinking of the reason he behaved this way did he realize he was suppose to feel guilt and remorse. Because of this he broke down in tears, lamenting that he must have lost his humanity. Thinking he was some sort or spider/dragon/undead/human hybrid because of the weird monsters he contracted with; namely Mio, Tomoe, and Shiki. Once Tomoe explained that the reverse of his worry was true, that the three of them became more Human because he was the dominant one in the contract of control, and other then accessing his servant's unique abilities in times of crisis or heightened emotional turmoil. In all his humanity was in tact much to his relief, but he still seemed unaware of his dark personality traits. Though to friends and allies he has a natural charisma and kind nature that makes them question if he is some sort of hero, though his motivations have always been for selfish reasons. According to Hibiki Otonashi, Makoto has developed a thought process where he unconsciously discriminates against the Hyumans. It is to be expected, from the first thirty seconds of being summoned to this world, he has met the delusional, obsessed with all things beautiful ruling goddess. Who bestow onto him to be able to speak with all the "failed" humanoid and monster creations of hers; But not her favored hyumans. Then stating he would be at home among the ugly orcs and goblins and thrusting him to the farthest reaches of the Wastelands. So he couldn't understand Common, which is a further insult to him. Even Mio could speak it, the hungry spider disaster...Upon meeting his first hyumans at the frontier of the Wasteland they treated him like some Demi-Human Demon-Lord. It was most other races that accepted him, or given him a chance, without criticizing his looks to the point of ignoring him or brushing him off. The first hyuman adventuring party he invited into the Demi-Plane showed intolerable amounts of racism, entitlement and a sense of being better then anything not hyuman. He doesn't treat all hyumans with this unconscious discrimination, only those that act exactly like the goddess who he gave up his home for. He has the tendency to unconsciously smile when fighting. That face of his was seen for the first time by his followers Tomoe and Shiki. It was seen in the incident where he was fighting the self proclaimed god Samal, when he insulted his parents whom he loved deeply. Makoto became ridiculously angry after hearing his insults. Then, Makoto attacked him with his bow and arrow as a declaration of war. As a ruler, he models the Asora as a beautiful paradise fit to be called heaven. He provides asylum and protection to almost only the most strongest races that desire this, because he feels empathy towards individuals who are looked upon less favorably in the Goddess’ world as is the case of demi-humans, monsters and demons. So he has no qualms about helping them selflessly, even if that generates bad opinions of him among the Hyuman society. He will grant a place from the Wasteland and suffering, granted they can get along with other races, In Asora discrimination is not included in his rule. He is seen as a humble leader by everyone in the Asora. His merchant alias: Kuzunoha, catches the attention of many nations and factions. His followers are vigilant of migration to The Demi-Plane and since he considers it necessary for the races who wish to migrate to have an amiable personality and to not discriminate other races, they make sure of it. Makoto himself barely has an impact on the process, and doesn't do any careful vetting at the start of the story. The very first adventurers he invited into the Demi-Plane caused a incident that has changed the way Makoto views Hyumans. Tomoe is trying and working on giving Makoto a heads up about his new racism, since technically he himself is also a hyuman, and the first hyumans he befriended proves that not all of them have such selfish personalities. He tries to make all of his citizens of different races prosper. News of the Asora being paradise begins to spread along the wasteland. Migration proposals begin arriving for the Mirage town in the wasteland. In the final interview for accepting a race into the Asora, he shows great respect and is very humble. He is seen not as a landlord but as a god who gives shelter and commodities to his subjects. He accumulates many believers who worship him at the shrine in the Asora and offer their prayers. When Misumi hears that, he finds it very uncomfortable to be seen as something great like a God. He asks Tamaki to convince the people to stop worshiping him as he does not consider himself a God. He has difficulty dealing with people who are good at hiding their true intentions under a fake smile. It makes him very uneasy and difficult to trust them. He naively tries to classify people as either friend or foe. He tries not to over-think it and feels it is a lot easier to punish or kill his foes while maintain an amiable relationship with his friends. Just as before coming to this world, he still has difficulty dealing with women who have feelings for him and is especially oblivious to certain types of feelings towards him. He is seen as a late-bloomer by many as he refuses the advances of many women. When Mio was given a choice to ask for anything she wants for defeating a greater number of mutants in the Academy Town, she asks that he sleep with her but quickly hesitates and changes the request. But Misumi, who at that moment is drunk, thinks it is not too far-fetched and that he wouldn't mind sleeping with her. He doesn't really think about long-term problems that could arise from killing because of his normal response to being attacked or angered. As a result, when he is attacked by the three Shadowless class Assassins during his stay in Lorel Union, he effortlessly murders them when he remembers that these girls were sent by the hero Tomoki. This causes him to be on bad terms with Pione and Picnic Rose Garden as a whole as she is close friends with one of the three assassins who had her head brutally crushed by Misumi. His reasoning is that when someone tries to take your life or endanger you and those you care for, it’s only natural to kill them.

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