Mamako Oosuki

Mamako Oosuki
Original Name
大好 真々子
Romaji Name
Ōsuki Mamako
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Popularity # 653
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Trash # 1815

Mamako Oosuki is main protagonists. She is a beta tester in the MMMMMORPG alongside her son, Masato Oosuki. Mamako is a slender woman with a prominent bust, slender waist, and stands just a bit shorter than her teenage son. She has long wavy brown hair that is braided around her head and tied with a blue and red bow around the back. She wears a one-piece gown with a revealing top and a blue corset with a metal guard. She wears elbow guards with blue and red stripes, and white gloves on her hands. She also wears metal boots and shinguards. Mamako is noted for looking incredibly youthful for her age. Masato even remarks that, if given a school uniform, Mamako could easily be mistaken for a high school student. Mamako is a kind-hearted, affectionate, motherly woman. Due to her gentle nature, she is at times very gullible and somewhat airheaded. If pushed to her limit, she can be very stern and will often express how upset she is. Most notably, she is considered to be overly-doting on her son, Masato. She can become very emotional when scolded by Masato, often begging for his forgiveness. Additionally, she fell to tears when Masato said that he would disown her. She did show some dislike to elves when Masato showed a huge interest due to her jealous nature and longing for her son's affection. Mamako is often very kind to complete strangers, even when they are acting hostile towards her.

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