Mamika Kirameki

Mamika Kirameki
Original Name
煌樹 まみか
Romaji Name
Kirameki Mamika
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Mamika Kirameki is a young girl who is the protagonist and heroine of the magical girl anime series Magical Slayer Mamika. She is a magical girl fights day and night to prevent the power of smiles from falling into Akumarin's hands. She also has friends named Melt and Karin. The person who gave her power is the Fairy of the Land of Eternity, Mirimiri. Mamika has a kind and caring, yet childish and naive nature, and supports Altair's professed plan to force their creators to alter their worlds. However, she does not hesitate to fight those who don't agree with her. A comedic quirk of her origin as a kids' TV character leads her to have significant trouble remembering names - notably Selesia's and Meteora's. She does not initially hesitate to use violence in solving her problems, due to the fact that her world of origin has very few consequences for physical trauma. Compared to that world, when Mamika firsts realizes the destructive and lethal potential that her powers have in the Creators' world, she becomes more hesitant to engage in combat.

bangs childish fair skin magical girl mahou shoujo pink eyes pink hair short thin eyebrows twintails
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