Mamushi Houjou

Mamushi Houjou
Original Name
宝生 蝮
Romaji Name
Hōjō Mamushi
Place of Origin
Japan, Kyoto
Date of Birth
June 4th
164.00 cm
48.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 3437
Like # 4080
Trash # 1593

Mamushi Hojo is the eldest daughter of Uwabami Hojo and sister of Nishiki and Ao. She was an Intermediate First-Class Exorcist at the Kyoto Branch of the True Cross Order until she was removed from her position after the incident of the Impure King. Mamushi has light long hair in a distinctive style having a hime-cut with an extra-long bang in the middle of her head. Her eyes resemble the sharp stare of a snake. She has a tattoo going up the right side of her face. She has only been seen with traditional Japanese clothing. She currently wears an eyepatch due to losing her eye during the Impure King incident. Mamushi was seen to be rather calmed and serious. Almost a tsundere like Izumo Kamiki, she obeys her peers. She is a very diligent person and has a strong sense of self-justice. Her loyalty to Myōō Dharani is so great that to protect it from "traitors" like Mephisto Pheles and Tatsuma Suguro, she stole the Right Eye of the Impure King to put it in a safer place. Mamushi also seems to have a strong resolve, seen by her bearing the "right eye of the Impure King despite the strain. She gets easily swayed by the words of notorious people like Saburota Todo. Her husband notes there's a softer and kind side to her personality.

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