Manicia (Saikyou Tank no Meikyuu Kouryaku)

Manicia (Saikyou Tank no Meikyuu Kouryaku)
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When she was younger her parents, after discovering that she had an incurable illness, had decided that they would abandon her. Her brother, Rud, however decided that he would leave his parents and take care of and raise her instead. For a while Manicia and Rud lived in the slums until an apprenticeship system was created by nobles in an effort to take children from the slums and return them to a proper life. It was due to this that Manicia and Rud were able to attend 'knight school' and learn about the world and the skills they would need to get through life. For a long time she feared that she was holding Rud back and that he secretly regretted saving her but was always to scared to ask and find out. This all changed when Rud brought a girl named Luna to their house, who Manicia ended up befriending. Luna persuaded Manicia to open up to her brother about her fears and in the end her fears were alleviated, which she is very thankful to Luna for. Later a former party member of Rud's, Nin, shows up at their home and after telling Rud that the 'Hero's Party' disbanded she claimed was planning to stay in the village for a bit. After being told there were no inns in the village Manicia offered for Nin to stay at their home. She has long black hair that sports a ahoge(cowlick) on the top of head that moves around based on her emotions and has blue(?) eyes. She is a friendly girl who despite being sick lives her days happily with her brother, Rud. She does however become melancholic when she wonders whether or not she is keeping her brother from following his dreams and wonders whether she is a burden on him. She has never able to confront her brother as to whether he is actually happy and fears that perhaps he regrets saving her until Luna pushes her to open up to Rud and ask him directly. When she first met Luna she quickly befriends her and continues being her friend even after she is told that Luna is a homunculus. She also quickly invites Nin to stay with them at their house not long after meeting her.

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