Marco Bott Husbando

Marco Bott
Original Name
Romaji Name
Maruko Botto
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 16th
178.00 cm
70.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 4508
Like # 5204
Trash # 2522

Marco Bott was a trainee of the 104th Training Corps and graduated as the seventh highest ranked trainee in his class. He was assigned to fight Titans during citizen evacuation after the breach of Trost District and was given command of his own squad. Marco was of above-average height with a broad, muscular build. He had short, parted brown hair, freckles, and light brown eyes. He wore the typical uniform of a member of the 104th Training Corps. His casual attire consisted of a light, button-up shirt and dark pants with a dark vest, very similar to Jean's. Marco was an idealistic person, valuing the good of the group above his own interests as well as understanding and coping with his own shortcomings and limitations. The others respected him greatly and considered him to be a natural leader suited to his dreams of joining the Military Police Brigade. Unlike those who joined the Military Police Brigade for safety and privileges, his reasons for wanting to join it were genuinely faithful to the king. He was shown to be an excellent judge of character, as he recognized Jean's potential as a leader and encouraged him to believe in himself. He was also shown to have a talent for preserving order among the other trainees, whether resolving arguments or keeping them calm during battle. Even when frightened, he still retained a relatively calm demeanor. Marco was often a voice of reason, even trying to talk things out right before his death.

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