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Maria is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Mystery of the Emblem, Shadow Dragon, and New Mystery of the Emblem. She is the youngest member of the royal family of Macedon and the younger sister of Michalis and Minerva. She is also a Cleric who becomes a hostage to secure Macedon's allegiance with Dolhr. Maria is cheerful, optimistic, and stubborn. She loves her siblings and will do anything she can to help them, even willingly becoming a hostage for Michalis. Maria is new to the battlefield, but her determination is shown when she refuses to leave the battlefield despite Minerva's concern, insisting that she wants to stay with her sister and become strong enough to protect herself. Even though she does not enjoy fighting, she dreams of becoming as strong as her older siblings, aspiring to be like them to be able to protect them. Maria does all she can to assist her sister and Marth's army in the war, and even participates in encouraging Jake to join them with several other females. This prompts Minerva to say that she is naive, telling her that war is not like the stories of princes and damsels that Maria enjoys, which is supported by Maria calling Marth dashing. Maria counters Minerva by saying that she is sick of being helpless, and she will not leave the battlefield because she wants to stay with her. Additionally, Maria may have something of a crush on Marth. Maria's benevolent and selfless nature is shown as well when she later nurses her brother back to health, holding no ill will against him, despite his killing of their father and keeping her in jeopardy during the first war. Maria's love for her brother is so great that she does not leave his bedside, desperately praying over him until she cries. Her empathy serves as the biggest catalyst for Michalis’s subsequent change of heart, which makes her indirectly responsible for Minerva's rescue by his hands and his assist in the defeat of Gharnef in the second war. Maria's love for her sister is equally great, as Maria is eager to share with Minerva that she has become a soldier, and Minerva is able to wake her from Gharnef's hypnosis. Maria reveals to Minerva that she genuinely cares about her and Michalis and she just wants her and her siblings to be a happy family again. Despite her incredible benevolence, Maria is, however, still young. She is also honest and outspoken, and her catchphrase is "No protesting!"

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