Maria Kurenai

Maria Kurenai
Original Name
紅 まり亜
Romaji Name
Kurenai Maria
Appears In
Vampire Knight
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
152.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 26923
Like # 27534
Trash # 18663

Maria Kurenai is a sickly girl who was the new Night Class student at Cross Academy and a very distant relative of the late Shizuka Hio. Maria has a petite built and, like most vampires, has a pale skin complexion. She has grayish-purple hair and eyes. Her hair is long and straight, with a full dolly fringe at eyebrow length and a small bun adorning at the side of her head. She possesses beauty, like the rest of the vampire race, and in addition, is a distant relative of the Pureblood vampire, Shizuka Hio, whom she bears a slight resemblance to. In Memories she is shown to have matured to look almost like Shizuka; likely due to her blood and Maria's close genetics. Maria dresses formally like most aristocratic vampires. Maria is a very fragile and feminine vampire. When she was first introduced, she was possessed by the Pureblood, Shizuka Hio and was displayed as haughty and cruel. However, her true personality is quite the opposite. She is very caring towards her friends and wishes to be seen as useful. Though she can show a competitive side when it comes to the Kiryu twins, she openly approaches Yuki Kuran about her relationship with Zero. Maria has no problems with discussing her feelings and is quite honest and straightforward. She still harbors feelings for Ichiru Kiryu and now shows interest in Zero Kiryu who ate his brother to become fully powered.

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