Maria Sarushima

Maria Sarushima
Original Name
猿島 マリア
Romaji Name
Sarushima Maria
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
October 26th
171.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 3374
Like # 2971
Trash # 8234

Maria Sarushima was the witch of Premonition of Rika Saionji's set, before losing her powers. Maria is a tall girl with long pink hair that she always wears in a ponytail by a yellow bow and, like almost all female characters in the series, exposed ears with long locks in front of them, amber-brown eyes, a slender build and large breasts. In her initial appearances away from school, she is usually seen wearing tanktops and shorts, but when she returns to Suzaku High, she wears the standard school uniform. Other than that, she wears hoop earrings. Maria is a generally very friendly and easygoing girl who is rarely shown to be in a bad mood and easily able to talk to anyone. She is physically affectionate towards her friends as she likes to kiss and hug them. She is also shown to have a flirtatious streak, especially towards Ryu Yamada as she comes with a few suggestive comments around him and even uses her tongue to kiss him. Due to her flirtatious and friendly personality along with her attractive look, Maria is a relatively popular student. While mostly a positive character, Maria has shown some subtle negative traits: she gave up trying to prevent the fire from occurring at the school and simply shut herself away at home and doesn't ask anyone for help, partly because she didn't think that anyone would believe that she can see the future. Prior to meeting Ryu, Maria has only been shown to use her power for herself only. Had she never meet Ryu and understanding the negative side of her power, she is likely to be the witch who abuses her power for self gain the most, as shown during the time that her memories of Ryu were erased: she clearly uses her power to gain high score in the exam and alike. By meeting with Ryu, she understands that sometimes the future aren't meant to be see, both in good futures and bad futures, and only use her power to help Ryu and his friends when needed.

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