Maria Ushiromiya

Maria Ushiromiya
Original Name
右代宮 真里亞
Romaji Name
Ushiromiya Maria
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 29th 1977
28.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 5570
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Maria Ushiromiya is the daughter of Rosa Ushiromiya. She is very knowledgeable about magic and is a vocal believer in the Golden Witch Beatrice. Maria has short, light brown hair, fair skin, and violet eyes. When she smiles she appears sometimes to have a snaggle tooth. She is of short stature due to her young age and weighs 28 kilograms (61 pounds). Maria wears a pale pink long-sleeve button-down shirt, with frills of the same color on the shoulders and the collar. Over this, she wears a black corset which has the One-Winged Eagle adorned on the left side. Maria also wears a black skirt with a pink stripe at the bottom and a lacy slip underneath with white knee-high socks with a lacy rim at the top and red shoes that buckle over the top of the foot and around the ankle. She is also said to carry a pink purse. Maria is a child of elementary-school age (in the first episode, her mother confirms that she is "nine and a fourth grader"), though usually acts as though she is much younger. This often gets her in trouble with her mother and earns her a slap or two on the cheek. Normally she acts younger than her age but seen as cute by many. But when talking about witches, her personality changes and acts creepily. She also becomes defensive when someone rejects witches and magic which she believes to help her become happy. It is often affirmed and demonstrated that she is not capable of lying and that, even if what she says and thinks proves to be false, she continues to repeat the opposite only because she believes in it with all of her spirit. It is for this reason that she often argues with her cousin Battler over whether or not Beatrice is real and refuses to accept the idea that magic could not exist. In Requiem of the Golden Witch, Willard and Jessica theorize that the reason why Maria completely changes her tone of voice and behavior when speaking of magic and witches is to provoke everyone around her, rooted in her desire to be considered important and worthy of being heard by adults by boasting knowledge on a topic which is unknown to them. She deeply loves her mother Rosa and even believes that the abusive and neglectful side of her mother is not her mother but a witch possessing her to do horrible things. She even went as far as to defend Rosa's actions in her diary and through Sakutarou's thoughts which in turns are her own thoughts when Rosa is not being a good mother. There are even times when she stated she does not need anyone but just her mother. However, it is only after the visit of a social worker who claimed that Rosa had left her alone to go on vacation without her instead of working, and destroying Chiester 556 and Sakutaro that Maria starts losing all trust in her mother and begins to resent her abuse and her apparent negligence towards her. This is what ultimately drives her to revolt not only against her mother but also against her entire family in favor of Beatrice and the witches. However, she's well aware that part of her continues to desire Rosa's presence and love in her life. At school she was bullied due to the fact that she takes low grades and prefers to play with her toys rather than with other children and, despite saying that she doesn't care as long as she has Sakutaro, she suffers a lot while hiding it, telling Ange that she is happy to be the one who is tormented rather than another child. Initially she was very close to her cousin Ange; she would have gladly taken Sakutaro and all the other toys and played with her cousin and even let her into the exclusive alliance of witches created by her and Beatrice. However, when Ange made fun of her one day because her mother had told her that Sakutaro was just a plush toy and not a real child like them and their classmates, Maria expelled her from her life and her magical world, even going so far as to write in her diary that she hated Ange as much as she hated Rosa after the latter destroyed Sakutaro. Later it is revealed that her reference to witches comes from the behavior of a person. For example, when Rosa gets violent, she is seen as the Black Witch by Maria. The same goes for Beatrice.

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