Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa
Original Name
喜多川 海夢
Romaji Name
Kitagawa Marin
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 5th 2003
164.00 cm
50.00 kg
Blood Type
86.80 cm
58.70 cm
84.80 cm
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Popularity # 53
Like # 49
Trash # 242

Marin Kitagawa is the main female protagonist in the Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru series. Marin Kitagawa is an above-average height girl with a slim waistline and light skin tone. Her eyes are naturally a dark brown, though she is almost always seen with dark pink color contacts when she isn't cosplaying. She has long, glittery-pink acrylic nails. She has smooth blonde hair with an ombré transition to pinkish-red or citrus orange at the tips and reaching down to her waist in the rear; her bangs cover a majority of her forehead and eyebrows, reaching to her eyelashes; two locks of hair flow over her shoulders and end around chest height. Her hairstyles include long straight hair, a single ponytail, a double ponytail, a double knot on top, a bun, and a single top ponytail. Marin typically wears multiple silver ear piercings which include a captive bead ring through each earlobe as well as two round studs in her right ear, three round studs in her left ear, and a barbell in an industrial piercing through her left ear. In the manga, she can be seen with a tongue piercing, but this was not included in the anime. Marin's attire varies according to where she is. At school, she wears a white button shirt with one chest pocket the her left, a navy-blue tie, a plaid skirt, black socks, and brown shoes. She also tends to wear a stretchy black choker, two bracelets on her left arm, and a ring on both her right pinkie and left index finger. Her casual attire includes a variety of outfits, allowing her to select one suited to the occassion. Marin is boisterous, extravagant, messy, and while quite mature, she's also clumsy. As a cosplayer and huge otaku, Marin is a big of fan of magical girl anime and adult video games. She strongly desires to cosplay as certain characters, seeing the notion of dressing up and becoming said characters as the ultimate form of love for them. Marin's love for the characters she likes extends to the point where she won't cosplay as them if she feels as though she can't fit their appearance, not wanting to spoil their image. She is notably very kind, friendly, cheerful, and outgoing. It is shown that Marin greatly dislikes overly-critical people that judge others for their interests, causing her to reject the advances of a boy at the start of the series, who poked fun at her liking anime. Marin's non-judgmental outlook and friendly nature causes her to greatly admire Wakana, not caring that the boy is seen as awkward and quiet by others. She saw no reason to keep their newfound friendship and a secret, openly greeting him in the school hallways and later treating him at a ramen restaurant. Marin holds her own values and can be quite earnest when it comes to it, despite her cheery and carefree attitude. For example, she easily saw how Wakana was being taken advantage of by his classmates and told him that he shouldn't put up with that. Also, when Wakana began purposefully avoiding her out of embarrassment due to other students finding out about their friendship, Marin confronted him herself, telling Wakana to tell her outright if he had a problem with being around her. While possessing a mature side, Marin can be something of a scatterbrain on occasion. She poorly knitted a prototype of her first cosplay outfit (Shizuku), despite a guidebook she possessed having step-by-step instructions. She is also a procrastinator, often opting to watch anime over doing work and completely losing track of time as a result. Despite this, she can be surprisingly proactive at times, such as finding out where Wakana lived so they could start their first cosplay project right away rather than waiting over the weekend. Marin claims that when she gets an idea, she doesn't waste time and gets straight to it, revealing a more rash and impulsive side. Marin is shown to be very bold and immodest, as she had no problem with allowing Wakana to take her measurements for her first cosplay outfit, and doing so while wearing a bathing suit despite still being early on in their friendship. She has a more teasing side, sometimes making jokes at Wakana's expense and laughing at whenever he gets embarrassed and flustered. These moments can be embarrassing for Marin as well however, particularly when she begins to realize her own feelings for him. Despite being carefree, Marin isn't thoughtless of others, far from it. She is selfless and doesn't want to burden others by any means; instead, she tends to blame herself instead of putting it on others, warmly apologizing for any inconvenience, no matter how small. After seeing that Wakana had worn himself out to get her Shizuku outfit finished and fully sewn; a result of her not being clear with when she needed the outfit to be done. She broke down in remorse and tearfully apologized to him after realizing he had worked himself down to the bone for her sake, all the while juggling his own responsibilities, such as studying for midterm exams, as well as manning his grandfather's Hina doll shop and visiting him when the latter had hurt his back. She has a habit of being embarrassed by seemingly insignificant things, while being woefully unaware or uncaring of clearly more humiliating factors. During the cosplay event as Shizuku, when a photographer Suzuka snapped a picture of her as the wind blew up her skirt and showed her boxers, Marin was more concerned that she wasn't looking at the camera rather than the raunchy photo of her, even when Suzuka apologized and said she'd delete it. When Marin hastily greeted Wakana at her apartment, she was startled and embarrassed to find out that she wasn't wearing her pink color contacts, rather than the fact she was still in her nightwear and had most of her top half exposed. Marin also loves eating but still manages to maintain her slender figure, until later on in chapter 64. She's not a very good cook either, as her meals are often greasy and contain large quantities of meat and rice.

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