Marina Ismail

Marina Ismail
Original Name
Romaji Name
Marina Isumaīru
Place of Origin
Kingdom of Azadistan
Date of Birth
January 12th 2283
162.00 cm
48.00 kg
Blood Type
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Marina Ismail is a fictional character of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Marina is the princess and monarch of the country Azadistan in Season 1. In Season 2, after her exile from Azadistan, she went into hiding with Katharon as a caretaker for the orphan children within their organization. Marina Ismail is the First Princess of Azadistan, which is struggling economically due to the UN's embargo on oil exports. She is politically inexperienced and comes from an ordinary household, but accepted the position of Princess of Azadistan when Parliament chose her based on her lineage. Marina is passionate for the peace and prosperity of Azadistan. Though she fears for her own life, she risks her political position for the sake of her country and it reflects her personality of being idealistic and naive to her causes. She has a kind and friendly personality, shows concern for her cared ones. Marina is also a strong believer in common human understanding. As she sees herself unable to turn to violence to solve problems, Marina wishes for people to talk things over and reduce the bloodshed, so that happiness can be spread to all people of the world. After learning that Setsuna was one of Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters, she slowly develops a concern for his well-being.

bangs black hair blue eyes fair skin head of state large breasts long hair princess royalty
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