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Mark is portrayed as a mysterious traveler who is found unconscious on the plains by Lyndis at the beginning of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. They are the first custom character to appear in the Fire Emblem series. Mark was introduced to give the player an actual role in the game and help introduce players to Fire Emblem gameplay. This is particularly notable given that The Blazing Blade was the first Fire Emblem to be released internationally. Mark is an enigmatic person whose history is unknown. Their name, personality, and birth date (and blood type in the Japanese version) is determined by the player. While unable to fight, Mark is an aspiring tactician, traveling across Lycia to improve their tactical skills. Aside from a few side glimpses in some CGs, Mark is never directly seen aside from their field sprite which is merely an NPC. During cutscenes where they are involved, Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector look directly to the player during their direct interactions with Mark. Despite never having a set appearance or any dialogue in the story, some snippets of Mark's personality are seen in conversations with other characters. They are compassionate, willing to let Lyn journey with them and help her take back her land, family and inheritance. They can be rather incredulous at times, shown when Serra wonders why Mark is giving her a strange look at her "generosity" when offering to heal Erk. They are also willing to go to any lengths for their friends, shown when they even join the final battle against Nergal. Some characters will respond to Mark differently depending on their gender. For example, Sain will try to flirt with both Lyn and the player if Mark is a female and Florina will hesitate to speak to the player if Mark is a male, but will talk in a more comfortable manner when speaking to a female Mark. Nonetheless, everyone in the army respects Mark greatly, offering suggestions and putting their faith in his or her orders.

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