Masami Iwasawa

Masami Iwasawa
Original Name
岩沢 雅美
Romaji Name
Iwasawa Masami
Appears In
Angel Beats!
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
161.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 943
Like # 864
Trash # 1831

Masami Iwasawa is a character in Angel Beats, featuring as the founder and original leader of the band Girls Dead Monster, where she is the band's lead guitarist and vocalist. She is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese version and Luci Christian in the English dub, whilst her singing voice is by marina. She's also a heroine of the visual novel Angel Beats! -1st beat-. Iwasawa has chin-length pink-red hair that has two longer locks of hair than the rest where it extends to her shoulders and red eyes. She wears the uniform of the SSS with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She wears flat calf high black boots instead of normal school shoes as well as black sweatbands on her wrists. She carries an acoustic guitar that is a tan or orange colour which she found in a trash heap. She is 160 cm tall (5'3"). Iwasawa has a calming demeanor that she has been described as the "cool beauty" by Yuri Nakamura. While usually she is rather quiet, she is able to fascinate listeners by striving to create music that speaks her thoughts and feelings. Iwasawa later reveals that she feels uncomfortable when interacting with other people as she experienced being gossiped about behind her back when she was still living, and has once showed a facade to people to actually talk to her, hiding her true feelings inside. This eventually changed when she meets Yuri, who aside from Hisako (Iwasawa's bandmate and co-founder of Girls Dead Monster) was the first person to show kindness towards her. In the manga, Iwasawa can be seen to have a rather comical attitude towards Hisako, which often results in Hisako getting angry over Iwasawa. She is often seen as stubborn (as Angel whom she mentioned to be very persistent) at the beginning but as she got to know Hisako better, Iwasawa was actually a clueless, innocent bad-in-naming-the-band girl.

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