Mash Burnedead Husbando

Mash Burnedead
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November 11th
171.00 cm
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Mash Burnedead is the main protagonist of the Mashle series and a first-year student at Easton Magic Academy. He was abandoned when he was a child due to lacking a mark, meaning that he is unable to use magic. Regro Burnedead found him and raised him outside the big city, hiding Mash from society and teaching him self-defense. They lived a peaceful life together, until one day, when Mash goes to the city and a policeman discovers him. After that event, Brad Coleman notices that Mash doesn't have a mark and goes to Mash's house to find him. Once there, Brad hurts Regro and after an "intense" fight with Mash, they accord that Mash will go to the magic school in order to maintain their peaceful life. Mash agrees and, in that process, Mash set his goal to become a Divine Visionary. Mash is of average height and has a muscular build. He has black bowl-cut hair and pale skin with a slight tan. A fake mark made by Brad Coleman was place over his left cheek. When at Easton, he wears the standard school uniform of a white shirt, black trousers, red tie, brown shoes and black cloak. When training, he often wears white shorts, and black under armor. He is often seen wearing a stoic and blank expression on his face. Mash is generally a quiet and kind boy, often displaying little to no emotion and sporting a stoic, dispassionate expression regardless of his circumstances. However, if he sees someone hurting his family or friends, he gets incredibly angry. He is also extremely innocent and obedient, making people abuse those qualities, but thanks to his strength he can twist out of almost every situation. Aside from his outright innocent thought process, he is incredibly blunt as he says things that would be considered rude to others, without a care in the world. He usually combines his bluntness with a sharp sense of wit. He firmly believes in his abilities so much so he downright told the headmaster himself he would "knock the stuffing out of [him]" with his fist. He makes this behavior even more evident throughout his school life, especially his encounter with Carpaccio Luo-Yang, in which he boldly stated that he never met anyone stronger than him with a look of boredom. But while he is blunt, Mash is open to finding a peaceful solution to conflict. He doesn't particular find fighting stronger opponents very exciting despite his incredible strength as he wishes he could simply live his life without worry and just go home.

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