Mashiro Kurata

Mashiro Kurata
Original Name
Romaji Name
Kurata Mashiro
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 19th
154.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 7957
Like # 7308
Trash # 13506

Kurata Mashiro is a second-year transfer student at Tsukinomori Girls' Academy, and the lead singer of Morfonica. She writes the lyrics for their songs. She is also classmates with Touko and Rui. Mashiro is a girl of average height with light blue eyes and shoulder-length whitish-blue hair. Her face is very shy-looking. Mashiro is a kind but quiet, shy, and reserved girl. Though she aspired for Tsukinomori Girls' Academy and managed to get in, she was overwhelmed by the talented individuals around her. As a result, she felt depressed daily until she stumbled upon Poppin'Party's performance in CiRCLE. She's full of imagination and tends to get lost in her fantasies, especially when she's writing lyrics. It is shown that while in that state, she will imagine herself in a fantasy world filled with things such as flying whales, or imagining herself flying through the sky. Mashiro tends to think negatively quite often, and is afraid of interacting with strangers because she thinks she might give them a bad first impression of herself, as well as make them think she's strange. However as the story goes on, she starts slowly but surely becoming more confident. She also likes Michelle and all kinds of other fluffy characters. Aside from her listed dislikes, she admits to being a very picky eater and is also bad with spicy things. After she and Rokka befriend each other in Little Rose Harmony, the two tend to argue over who likes Poppin'Party more.

bangs blue eyes blue eys blue hair earrings long hair lyricist medium breasts picky eater quiet shy singer student transfer student chin-length hair neck-length hair over-knee boots school uniform stockings zettai ryouiki
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