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Mathilda is the idealizer and founder of the Deliverance rebel organization. She founded the group with Fernand and her fiancee, Clive, who turned the first leader. She is the older among five daughters, her father was a famous soldier celebrated for his military achievements. Despite being expected to act like the other noble ladies, Mathilda has been training with her father since she was a child. She became intimate with her husband-to be when both joined the Zofia army, and their respective noble houses were also in cordial terms. At first, Clive's younger sister, Clair, disproved of their relationship and tried to keep her far away from him. At some point, she was captured by Desaix and was planned to be executed. Her capture left Clive and the rest of group down, resulting on the newcomer Alm being chosen as a figurehead leader to inpsire and raise the morale of the army. She returned to the deliverance after being rescued during Alm's lead. After the war, she retired from the knighthood and married Clive. If Clive eventually dies, Mathilda reluctantly became the leader of the Order of Knights of Valentia. If Mathilda dies during her rescue arc, Clive has a break down and regrets chosing Alm as the replacement leader. Clive blames him for losing his lover and other people that are important to him like his friend Fernand. Mathilda is an extremely calm, courageous, and driven knight. Despite being well manered, she has very direct and sometimes harsh speech mannerisms, a result of her father's influence. She is said to be "clever as a cat", and is very understanding and in tune with others emotions and reactions. Mathilda is confident in her prowess as a knight, but due to her being very strong and talented, she sometimes worries about how socially acceptable it is to outshine her "lord husband" Clive in the battlefield. She is often worried of hurting others's feelings and is anxious about how they view her, as a result she take criticisms at heart, be they fair or not. In spite of Clair's initial opposition to Mathilda courting Clive, Mathilda actually likes Clair. She understands that her sister-in-law is motivated by love for her brother, and show to be proud seeing Clair growing up and maturing during the war.

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